Giving Value Will Be Online Advertising’s Longevity

Published May 10, 2015 in Magic Business - 0 Comments

seo manager in the philippinesContrary to what others think or what green minded people might ask questions like how long after sex does it take to get pregnant, online advertising experienced some downfalls too. There were times when blatant frauds sprouted like review coupons promising one to be a millionaire in days and supplements that cure not only all kinds of health problems but ill bank accounts, too.

The issue of retailers’ ads’ presence on E-commerce sites had created an uproar in 2010, as well as search engine giant Google’s abrupt algorithm changes along with the biases and controversies connected to it.

The online advertising is thriving. It’s at its peak. There is no doubt that it has surpassed other advertising mediums that once lead the industry. TV and print advertising perhaps rank only second and third to online advertising.

News articles about retailers, publishers, and brands’ sudden increase in Web advertising expenses are a living proof of it. Add to it the business of the Internet, the entire Web. People hangout and spend more time on the Web than on other media platforms.

And because the industry is at its peak, a lot of online advertisers and brand owners who are dependent on it think that they’re secured, that there’s no way of downfall as long as they remain in the industry.

The truth is, despite the industry’s flourishing status, every one should still be mindful that frauds, scammers, and other occurrences that may hurt the industry again are still existent. Perhaps they’re just hiding somewhere else. And yes, these things are still here. They’re not dead yet. And no one knows in what form it might reappear. Maybe in scam and fraud again, or another dilemma that may cause another online uproar.

Every business owners who rely heavily on the Internet—especially online advertising service providers like SEO firms, Internet marketing companies, E-commerce trades. They should not stop creating measures and ways to improve their craft as service providers. They should continue looking for ways that will make them a need of customers, on creating things that will show how they value people that depend on them.

Every day is a perfect day for creating newer and better customer-centered things like White Label SEO Philippines because continuing to do so gives the industry a longer life. As long as the industry gives value to the people who depend on it, it will remain valuable to them as well.

Remember that TV advertising almost died when the entire industry did not value small business owners much, that it opened only opened its doors to large companies that can afford its cost.

Now that the Internet has become an ‘everybody’s place’, that it is not limited and open only to large corporations, that even the smallest startup opened by a highschooler can advertise here, the only thing online advertising service providers should do is to take good care of it, by giving value to the people that depend here.